What’s the matter with America? Stop SOPA, Stop PIPA

January 14th, 2012

Today I was alerted when browsing wordpress.org. I actually wanted to check out the latest WordPress plugins and developements when I recognized a button “HELP STOP SOPA/PIPA” together with a new blog post on this matter. SOPA stands euphemistically for “Stop Online Piracy Act”, PIPA for “Protect IP Act”. Both proposed acts are in my opinion attempts to regulate the online freedom of speach in a way, which seems even to me as a guy from Europe absolutely unamerican.

Still - the bills haven’t passed the Congress. You can find more information about it and calls to action at the site AmericanCensorship.org.

Duplicate Linking (DL)

April 16th, 2009

Duplicate Linking

Fun stuff from a german discussion board about search engine optimization (SEO)…

The case. A webmaster, say Joe, raised his voice about a competitor, say Alice, who would blatantly copy his key to success. Joe claims a lot of ingenuity, thinking constantly of new ways for his secret recipe. Just to find it a few¬† days later copied by Alice. That’s why Joe goes into the open. He describes a general code of honor among SEO webmasters and explains in detail that Alice isn’t acting according to it. Alice should be punished in his eyes. By Google at the best. So, you might wonder, what is it actually that Alice is copying?

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German SEO firms are courting…

April 13th, 2009

… their customers. Kind of. Well, that’s what you’d expect. SEOs convincing their customers by rendering superior services. But it seems some of the companies have found a new leisure activity. Going to court, against blogs and online communities.


The first remarkable incident has been just a few weeks ago. A german SEO firm seems to have gotten penalized by Google for presumably black hat activities. Too many Russian backlinks, as the rumors go. Some of the company’s customers might had been affected as well. At least somebody dropped a blog comment claiming to be a customer of the SEO company, saying that she cancelled her business relationship for the reason of inappropriate SEO conducts. The SEO company disapproved of the bad coverage and sent its lawyers to get the blog post removed. This action provoked a tremendous echo among the german SEO community. In the end…

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Fun Tribute To Matt Cutts

April 8th, 2009

A webmaster who hasn’t heard of Matt Cutts? That sounds like a case for Urban Myth Busters. Well, really, most webmasters will have heard of the nice Googler from the Search Quality Team. Matt started a blog on private and search engine issues on a regular basis. Very soon he became something like Google’s single face to the customer, with the webmaster community reading his lips. Some of them literally, probably: since a) some webmasters or webmistresses will be able to read lip language and, b) Matt started a series of video messages a while ago. These videos became so popular among webmasters and SEOs (search engine optimizers), that they even made it to pole positions at youtube.

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Download the Internet Index for free!

March 8th, 2009

Well, kind of… dotnetdotcom.org aka Dotbot

You might have noticed a new little critter gnawing at your web server:

Mozilla/5.0 compatible; DotBot/1.1; http://www.dotnetdotcom.org/crawler@dotnetdotcom.org)

The few Seattle based guys (pseudonym on their web site) promise an index of the web available to everybody. They intent to release as much information about the web’s structure (linking) and content as possible. For a fee to cover their costs, though.

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Berlin’s crime - A google maps mashup

March 6th, 2009

The main occupations for tabloid newspapers around the world are quite likely reports on gossip and reports on crime. So the tabloid reporters are experts on these matters. The german tabloid “Berliner Kurier” (Berlin’s courier) is demonstrating their skills with a brand new google maps mashup, the “blaulicht-kurier” (flashing blue light courier).

5000 crime incidents of the last months and years

The blaulicht-kurier is showing the location of crimes in Berlin and the region of Brandenburg. By default you will see descriptive icons over the crime locations of the last two weeks. If you click on an icon you get to see a crime report.

If you want to see older crimes or if you are looking for crimes at a particular location, you can do so by specifying the times or whereabouts. The database consists of about 5000 incidents from the last years. The latest entries are a few weeks in the past, though.

Icon legend

  • Black icons: crime
    • fist for violence
    • hammer for vandalism
    • mask for robbery
    • thief with flashlight for theft
  • Red icons: fire
  • Blue icons: traffic
  • Green icons: other
  • Target icon: more details available when clicking on it


Search Engines Are Simple Things

May 27th, 2008

Well in fact, search engines are rather far from beeing simple. What makes them appear simple is clever engineering, market research and stunning amounts of technology. The core tasks of a web search engine are tough enough:

  1. knowing what a user really is looking for
  2. knowing which of the 10s of billions of web pages or services are most relevant
  3. knowing how to distinguish web spam, porn or malicious services from regular services
  4. making the gazillions of data accessible to all users asap / instantaniously

This blog will look into the engines and will try to explain them. How are they paying off commercially? What comes next? What is actually available (but nobody knows it)?

I hope you will enjoy this blog. Lots of fun!